Candidate Resources

A guide to excelling in your interview

We are often asked for advice on the best way to approach an interview. Using actual feedbackfrom our most trusted clients, we have compiled these recommendations to help you. At the risk of pointing out the obviousto the more seasoned candidate, we have made this list as comprehensive as possible, to ensure that it benefits even themost inexperienced of interviewees.

Top Interview Tips for Account Executives

Given the current level of competition for Account Executive roles, (particularly where there are clients to inherit), any application will require greater focus if it is to stand out from the crowd. We have therefore produced some specific advice to assist you when applying. These tips have been compiled as a result of genuine feedback from our clients, and we hope that you will find them useful.

Counter offers

The issue of a counter-offer is rarely considered until the moment one has been received. In our experience, this is too late, and you should be prepared for this turn of events. To assist you in this situation, we have compiled this document to ensure that you are fully equipped and able to make the right decision.
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